Innovations and Opportunities in Enterprise Applications

Continuing with the Business Thought Leadership (BTL) series at IMI-Delhi, Mr. Niraj Prakash, Director-Solutions Consulting, Oracle, India delivered a lecture to the students on 27th August, 2014 on the topic “Innovations and Opportunities in Enterprise Applications”. The guest session was organized by the IMAC Club of IMI, Delhi. He initiated the event by engaging students in form of a small exercise wherein people were asked in groups to mention definition of enterprise applications, Top innovation in Enterprise applications, Opportunities they see in Enterprise applications. The students came up with various three letter innovative terms for this exercise. Definition of Enterprise Applications was defined as … Continue reading Innovations and Opportunities in Enterprise Applications

Conventus’14: The IMAC Summit

SMAC: The Way Forward Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have been impacting technology to a great extent both in the consumer and enterprise solutions space. However, to fully maximize the value delivered by these it is important to integrate them, which is referred to as SMAC stack where each one can enable the other to maximize their potential. It is a basic need for the modern day enterprise to be connective, collaborative and productive and real time and nothing can probably achieve this better than a prudent implementation of the SMAC stack. SMAC Stack is the new wave of computing … Continue reading Conventus’14: The IMAC Summit

ERP Implementation Challenges in a Utility Industry

ERP has become the need of the hour. With IT transforming the world, ERP is on the verge of getting implemented by every functional department. But it is not a cakewalk at all. With this thought, Mr. Promod Sharma, CIO & Vice President for BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, Reliance ADA Group Co., delivered a session on the topic: ERP implementation challenges in a utility industry, here at IMI Delhi. The demand and supply gap within Power and DISCOM industry is widening. Concerning that, reforms are being introduced in PPP model. Energy Industry is witnessing the change too. There has been a … Continue reading ERP Implementation Challenges in a Utility Industry

Data Analytics and Sports are made for each other

Data analytics is slowly becoming a part of everything that we do in our day to day life and sports is no exception. Data analytics has become a key strategic tool for various sports such as cricket, football, tennis, motor racing etc.The amount of data being collected on a minute-by-minute basis in today’s world is something that couldn’t have been possible a few years ago. However, what’s important is what you do with this huge amount of data. Opta sport’s work is a good example of what can be achieved from this data. Opta’s mission is to set a global … Continue reading Data Analytics and Sports are made for each other

Big Data: Need of the Hour

Marketers often struggle with the question of setting up a price for a product. Setting price for a product is not an easy task. There are very huge numbers of factors such as competitor’s price, customer expectation or the product cost that are to be considered. So, it gets very difficult to judge the accurate price. Before understanding how big data can help, let’s first understand what is big data? Big data helps in handling the data an organization has. Organization usually has to record data even of previous years. It gets difficult to assimilate the whole data and then … Continue reading Big Data: Need of the Hour

Little privacy in the age of BIG DATA

Everyone has two kinds of life, Public and Private. We all like to share about our lives; some share more and some less. Some people want to share specific things to specific people. In this era of technology, most of our communication does happen through internet. All our data is stored in a cloud uploaded by billions of people. Security breach is inevitable and we have a very little privacy in the age of Big Data. There are two main fields in which big data is involved; Social networking and Intelligence agencies. They have totally different purposes of collecting the … Continue reading Little privacy in the age of BIG DATA

ICT Driven Innovation- The Paradigm Shift

Continuing with Business Thought Leadership (BTL) series at IMI-Delhi, the session was delivered by Mr. Anupam Saronwala,  Country Leader – IBM Research Business Development on 8th August, 2014 and he shared his views on “ICT Driven Innovation – The Paradigm Shift”.     He started the event by describing innovation as new ideas that create value and citing the quote: “Growing complexity has intensified competition providing an ever greater impetus for innovation” Mr Anupam emphasized on six enablers of innovation: Climate for certainty, Idea generation, Incubation structures, Metrics and incentives, Role of collaboration and partnering, Integration of Business and Technology. … Continue reading ICT Driven Innovation- The Paradigm Shift


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