28th January – Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is celebrated worldwide on the 28th of January every year. It is observed to spread awareness about the importance of Data Security and to promote practices to safeguard data. Several organizations try to promote safety and privacy of data using various methods  This day was initially celebrated only in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Israel but with the growing number of cases of data breaches and security failure, other countries have also started to observe this day.    History of Data Privacy Day In 1981, the Council of Europe signed the Convention 108 Bill which … Continue reading 28th January – Data Privacy Day


“Clients are ahead of us in using data, and now they are looking at law firms to say, ‘How are you going to use your data to better provide services to me?’”–Dave Walton The days of lawyers giving “IT DEPENDS” sort of answers are long gone with the present and disruptive advent of data analytics in legal services. Today’s increasingly data-savvy clients insist that their lawyers justify their reasoning and with more than a limited set of war stories. Not that the considered judgment of a lawyer has lost value, it’s just that the considered judgment of an experienced lawyer informed … Continue reading ANALYTICS IN LEGAL SERVICES – AT THE CROSSROADS OF A PARADIGMATIC TRANSITION

Prescriptive Analytics- Future of Data Analytics

Analytics has become one of the most important tools that an organization needs to gain valuable consumer insights. This has led to companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google to invest immensely in the collection of data, and also enabling data for the enterprise. It is also estimated that the Big Data Space will cross over $273 Billion by 2023. With the development of AI and ML continues, there is a continuous change and growth in the way analytics is being used. Earlier the focus of the businesses used to be harvesting descriptive data that pertained to both customers and products. … Continue reading Prescriptive Analytics- Future of Data Analytics

Optimizing Analytics in 2020

From in-memory computing to stream processing, machine learning, and AI — the world of analytics is changing quickly. To stay competitive, it’s more important than ever to make decisions more quickly with the most data available. In-memory Computing In-memory computing is the new, permanent layer in the IT stack. The data processing paradigm is changing, driven by digitization and the explosion of data. Insights and the actions they can inform are now perishable, whether it’s preventing fraud or analyzing data streams in the very moment in which they occur. Digitization increases opportunities for new applications, but also places great pressure … Continue reading Optimizing Analytics in 2020