How AI is transforming lending and loan management around the world?

Artificial Intelligence is the next wave of opportunity in the global financial sector. AI has come to play an integral role in many phases of the lending arena, from approving loans, to managing assets, to assessing risks. AI like blockchain is a revolution in technologies. It makes work of different industries easier and more effective. The development of AI leads to great revolutions in all industries but the most useful is AI in lending and loan management. Before providing a loan, banks and financial instructions review lenders profile, his/her income, expenses and liabilities, etc. Based on that analysis, a certain amount, interest … Continue reading How AI is transforming lending and loan management around the world?

New Age Technology Companies in Financial Services

AI and Machine Learning paving the pay to remove human interaction and role in decision making.“Autonomous Finance” will enable every customers to have personal financial advisor/ banker making all financial decisions for them. The new technology-based start-ups and fintechs have emerged in the past few years. There are radical changes being observed in the financial services industry. We can see there are leading financial services and banks which are fast moving towards deploying new age technologies and employing AI and Machine learning. They are helping in streamlining their processes, optimising portfolios, and decreasing risks and also underwriting loans. The fintechs … Continue reading New Age Technology Companies in Financial Services

Advanced analytics in hospitality

Digital technology advances in the last 20 years have driven numerous innovations and disruptions in the travel industry. These technologies and the companies offering them have rearranged the industry, leaving behind some players — for example, travel agents — while introducing more complexity into the value chain between travelers and destinations. More recently, mobile technologies have taken center stage as consumer behavior shifts with astonishing speed towards smartphone research and booking travel. As of October 2015, according to a report by Expedia Media Solutions / comScore, US customers who book travel online have consistently spent more time interacting with travel … Continue reading Advanced analytics in hospitality

Monitor and Optimize Supply Chain using Location Analytics during Covid-19

COVID-19 took us by surprise and we were not even close to being ready for a situation like this! The global supply chain is fuelled by outsourcing and thin margins and Covid-19 has proven how fragile (or, rigid) it all is. Until now, the supply chains were stocking supplies efficiently in just the right amount (just-in-time manufacturing). However, when the demand spiked, everyone felt the effects of it. “We do not see a supply shock in the sense of the availability,”  said a UN economist to Bloomberg. “But there could be a supply shock in terms of logistics, not being able … Continue reading Monitor and Optimize Supply Chain using Location Analytics during Covid-19

The Change in Analytics Spending due to Covid-19

The downturn that has been created due to the impact of corona virus is changing the way the businesses are looking at the Analytics and Business Intelligence. The early signs to defy the economic impact of COVID-19 are being shown by the projects in analytics and business intelligence. Business have shifted their focus of looking at the analytics and BI as a radar they could use so that they effectively plan and execute strategies leading their way to survival through the impact of corona virus. According to a recent interim findings by the Dresner Advisory Services through their survey 2020 … Continue reading The Change in Analytics Spending due to Covid-19